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Dojo Nation Is Here To Help You
Grow Your School, Period!

We Will Save You Time, Money... And Get You More Students!

#1. The Best Facebook Marketing System. Period. 

In partnership with the Student Magnet™, The best student generating system on the planet, we will set up and operate the system for you until  you are ready to take over this high powered marketing system, and once you take over?...Think of the time and money you'll save! No more agency fees!  You will be in 100% in control of your school marketing.


This  state of the art marketing system is the most powerful system available this system presently being used by over 180 schools across the US. The Student Magnet™ is designed to enroll students consistently every month and maintain your long-term enrollment goals.  

 (A La Cart Price. $997 per month, per campaign)


#2 Follow Up Ninja

The Follow Up Ninja™

We have also partnered to bring you The Follow Up NInja, the State of the Art custom follow up software system. We will monitor the system and your leads until you're fully ready to handle the system.

As your leads flow in, your Followup Ninja software will amaze you as your leads are perfectly handled. You WILL get more students, faster, easier and cheaper.  It’s as simple as that.  


Using the Follow-Up Ninja Is a Dead-Simple, It's easy to set up and automatically follows up with leads from Facebook and Your Website! (No Technical Experience Required, but we are going to be there all the way to help you master the software), 


Remember all those challenges trying to follow up and chase down leads? Put down the phone, stop writing emails and get back to doing what you love…. teaching classes. (A La Cart $147/m)

#3 Social Media Market Machine-SM3

Power Posting

Your goal is simple: Total domination of your market. You want to be Top of Mind when it comes to martial arts schools. You want to be the AUTHORITY in the 12-18 minute drive time around your school. Twice daily we post powerful relevant information for your market. These posts are not the standard “The tough get going when going gets tough” BS type of memes that NOBODY cares about. Your posts are curated from the top experts in the fields of child development, child health & safety, and all things family. The purpose of SM3 is to build credibility and engagement for the school owner in their market. ( A La Cart $197/m)

#4 Google Ad Words

Google Adwords is an essential Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing "must have" tool for all schools nowadays. Not only does it allow you to advertise on the most widely used search engine on the web, but it can be 100 percent tailored to your school and the programs you offer so that you are only advertising to your target audience. ( A La Cart $497/m)

#5. Google My Business Posting Power

Google My Business

  • Google My Business is often overlooked as a powerful tool to grow business

  • Use Google My Business to engage your customers

  • Keep your customers up-to-date on what’s happening at your business

As marketers, we know that it’s almost impossible to keep up with all of the channels that are available. Constant change, additions, and new ways of using digital marketing channels that have been around for a while is enough to wear you out.

GMB is one of the most overlooked tools for marketing your school. Setting up your Google My Business info and keeping it fresh is very, very important. This is how you stay in the SERP search engine results page. (A La Cart $197/m)

#6. Party Power System

What if each time you offered a birthday or pizza party you could turn it into a new student machine? With PARTY Power each birthday, or pizza party student or PNO gets their OWN website that automatically  gets students registered and in your follow up system! A La Cart  97/m


#7. Graphic Design

Posters, Banners and More! Wouldn't it be great if you had a top rater graphic designer on call? Welcome to Dojo Nation Prime! A La Cart $297/ m

BBA Ad-08.png


EASYSite With 11 Point SEO System

What’s the best website? That’s kind of like asking “What’s the best martial art?” We’ve all heard that question before, right? Here’s my short answer. I’ve been using (and recommending) websites since they hit the scene back in the 90’s.  A website does only do two things: Catch the people searching the web (Google) or catch people sent to the website by ads or referrals. Some will say you need 30 pages of information no your last tournament, but remember,  we really just want them to come through the door and enroll, so let’s not confuse them.  If you think websites are a quagmire, wait till you get a load of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Again, Here’s the short course; When people look for a martial arts school online, your name should pop up at the top of the list as possible. How is that done (here comes the quagmire…) to ‘Rank” at the top several things are factored in, here’s a short list: Are you local, how many other schools are in your market, Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and about a 100 other pieces to the puzzle. At EMC we load a basic 11 point SEO package thats meets the needs of 99.9% of school owners. If your downtown New York with 112 schools within 3 miles of you, well maybe we’d have to step it up a little. $297/m Value


Bonus! Randy Reid Coaching & Support

Randy Reid is one of the most experianced, deicated and well connected martial artist in our community. He has mentored and worked with some of the most successful schools in the world. $1497/M Value